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Title: Violent Leisure
Co-written with severed_sanity
Pairings: This chapter is Roy-centric, we’re going to ultimately end up with at least a GreedxKimbleexRoy
Warnings: Head games, Rape, torture This chapter: getting into after affects and mindsets
Rating: NC-17 without a doubt, this chapter? R
Notes: Yes, I took forever to get this sucker edited, but it takes us longer to put it together, just trust me. There will be more Kimblee-less chapters than anticipated x.x So, people on the GreedxKimblee com, kindly don’t murder me, thank you, it IS planned, without a doubt, even sorta written.
From the planning text: forgottenlover: And we finally jump to something else!!! Yay!!
severed_sanity: *snorts* Took us long enough didn’t it? xD

Chapter one: And don't worry, the other two pieces are linked to the first part.

( Chapter Two )

Squicks from the past.


Summary: In order to silence Roy, Hohenhiem creates a new Greed to replace him. Now Roy is at the mercy of a creature who knows every sordid detail of his life and has dedicated itself to destoying everything Roy holds dear.

Warnings: Rape, Kidnapping, Torture, Emotional Abuse. Dark themes and Angst. Spoilers 40's for Anime, Issue 50 for Manga.

PART 1 "Gifts" (Greed!Roy/Roy) R --( "There is no way you could pass for me," Roy declared. )

PART2 "Toys" (Greed!Roy/Ed/Roy) NC-17 --( "I brought you another gift, Roy." )

PART 3 "Reflection" (Roy + Ed) PG -- ( "I'm not much of a man anymore, am I." )

TITLE: Proving Grounds
PAIRING: AL x Ficus!Octopus!Human!Chimera
WARNING: Tenticle Rape, ooze, squick, shota, implied m-preg.

( We have no idea what kind of experiment was going on here, but it looks nasty. )
Greed- Faulty expectations

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Looks like I'm getting the first post ::grins:: If you want me to, I can link quite a few other things that would fit this com as well as these tidbits. Just let me know.

Title: Violent Leisure
Author: forgottenlover and Co-author severed_sanity
Pairings: This chapter is KimbleexRoy, we’re going to ultimately end up with at least a GreedxKimbleexRoy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Head games, Rape, torture
Summary: If Kimblee had gone a different way from the fifth lab...
Note: As requested, the first chapter for you lot, sorry for the delays, I'll start posting the other chapters once I get back to my own computer.

Part one
Second part
Last part of chapter one

Title: Knifed
Artist: forgottenlover
Character: Greed
Rating: R
Warnings: Blood, knives, partial nudity
Note: I figured I'd link art as well as the requested fic links

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